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This playlist contains the songs that I love right now, these last few weeks I've been listening to these songs a lot. I just love them and they all make sense to me. Some of them are popular, some aren't; some of them are new, some aren't.
In few weeks, I'll probably will be listening to a completely different playlist. Enjoy and tell me what song do you listen several times a day.

## Stay by Safetysuit
## Break Even by The Script
## Rainy Day by Coldplay
## Disappear by Beyonce
## Never Say Never by The Fray
## Let Me Love You by Mario
## Meet Me Halfway by Black Eyed Peas
## Mad World By Gary Jules

Cincinnati, OH

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I've been living in Cincinnati for exactly a year now. I never really liked this city. I left Montreal and came here so it was a huge difference of lifestyles. But these past few weeks I'm discovering all the hidden treasures Cincinnati has to offer. Here are few of the most memorable attractions:

_- Mt Adams, it's a small and antique city that has one of the most amazing view to the downtown. The architecture of the houses, restaurants etc.. are unique and breathtaking. Mt Adams also has a 18th century monastere and it's quite amazing too.

_- The Ohio River, it's the natural limitation between Kentucky and Ohio. It has a beautiful park and an amazing sunset view. One of the most romantic place in Cincinnati.

_- WEBN Fireworks, the longest and biggest fireworks event I've ever seen in my life. Some people wait 12 hours on the park just to see it.

_- Cincinnati Bengals, even though I'm not a big fan of American Football, I root for my city because of their crazy and over the top fans. And I've also seen my first NFL game at the Bengals stadium.

_- Kings Island, this is the main attraction in Cincinnati. Kings Island's rides are in the top 10 most extreme rides in the US. It's just awesome!

_- Great restaurants, affordable and beautiful decor.Without alcohol, you can enjoy a great entree, a soft drink and a delicious meal for 20$ per person.

Funny diet excuses

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I'm baaaaaack

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Well, not completely!
First of all, thank you so much for missing me and for all your lovely e-mails. Don't worry anymore, I feel really good and my life ''offline'' has never been this awesome. I'm having a lot of fun.
The main reason I'm not updating this blog is because of my broken computer. And since I'm very lazy, I'm not working any extra hours to make more $ and get a new one. But I'll do something about it and this blog will be fully operational like before. From now, I'll post few updates every now and then even though I've lost a lot of my posts :(
I can not leave my bloggers friends, you bring balance in my life and I love blogging :)
Thoughrout this week, I'll be visiting/commenting/sharing all your latest posts.