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I took these from Scarlett... You can also finish the sentences to unbore yourself.

I've come to realize that my last kiss...was really sweet

I am listening to...AfterAll by William Fitzsimmons

I talk...to myself and to the ghosts

I love... laying down

My best friends...are stupid

My first real kiss...wasn't that great

Love is...a lie

Marriage is...overated

Somewhere someone is thinking..."How can I make this possible"

I'll always...be an emo kid

The last time i really cried was because...my mom almost died

My cellphone...I still don't know why I got one, very useless. I can stay days without using it

When i wake up in the morning...I want to go back to bed

Before i go to bed...I make sure that I'm really tired.

Right now i am thinking about...Should I go to the movies tonight??

Babies are...adorable, funny and innocent.

I miss...Nothing

Today...is another boring day

Tomorrow i will be...with my new date.

I really wanna be...joyful and cheerful

Happy 4th of July

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For the Independence day week-end, my friends and I were supposed to bbq on friday, road-trip to Atlanta during the week-end, watch a laser show and a concert. Finally, we stopped after the bbq yesterday. Almost everyone was drunk ( they are still recovering), was acting crazy and doing stupid things. I rotflmao the whole night. I didn't drink so I watched everyone stupidities.

Now the best part: One of my close friend spit alcohol on my face, attacked me and started calling me names. I didn't do or say anything to him because I knew he was drunk. I'm waiting for his call and apologies and then I'll end our friendship.

But Happy 4th of July and don't drink alcohol.

Sleeping Naked

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Personnally I find it very uncomfortable almost a nightmare. I've conducted a little survey among my friends, family and coworkers and ALL of them love sleeping naked sometimes or they actually sleep naked every night.
Am I the exception???

Here are few YAYs and NAYs about sleeping naked.
++ Can be very comfortable
++ Can lead to intercourse when there is someone else in your bed.
++ You don't have to take off any clothes for your morning bath.
++ Can be very uncomfortable
++ You can accidently hurt the boys or the girls
++ You are more likely to catch a cold or to be bitten by an insect

Do you sleep naked?
Why or why not?


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Justify FullThanks Yvette for this incredible award.
1st: True Crime Book Reviews is a really cool blog that reviews crime books only and has so many books giveaways. Plus Yvette is an awesome blogger friend. Nice work Yvette!

2nd: The Humane Award is given to kindhearted individuals who always leave the sweetest comments. Thank you to all my readers and commenters. I would have given up blogging a while ago if it wasn't because of You. Thanks a bunch.
You are all very valuable to this blog and I'm nominating EVERYONE. Please take this award because you deserve it.

Bored during a meeting

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These past days I did around 7 hours of meetingss or conference at work. It was too long, very boring and sometimes I thought my manager was talking in a foreign language.
So I came up with these things to do when you are bored during a meeting (I already did few of them, LOL)

1. Laugh hysterically everytime your manager cracks a joke even if it's the lamest joke you've ever heard.

2. Write your grocery list but make it look like you are taking notes about the meeting

3. Hide your phone number and call your coworkers. Hang up after 2 or 3 rings. Since the cellphones were supposed to be turned off, enjoy your coworkers embarrassment and unprofessionalism

4. Set up an anonymous e-mail account and send a NSFW picture to EVERYONE including yourself. Make sure the object is catchy and very important.

5. Ask a question that you already know the answer

6. Pour your coffee on the table and make it look like an accident. Don't forget to apologize about the incident every 5 minutes.

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The drinking problem

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Art of the day

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Cheap & Romantic

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When you love someone, you don't have to spend thousands of $ to prove your love. Here are few really cheap gifts you can buy for less than 2$ and the reason why they are very romantic. For 2$, you don't have anymore excuses to not buy gifts.

++ Water "You are my water and without you I can not survive on this planet"

++ Sugar "You are so sweet that sugar is made out from you"

++ Napkins "Because you have always been here for me when I needed a shoulder to cry"

++ Chili pepper "Because you are hotter than any kind of peppers"

++ Paper & pen "I no longer need to write my biography. You are the story of my life"

++ Rice "There are at least 1000 pieces of rice in this pound of rice. That represents how many years I want to spend with you making you happy, that's more than a lifetime"

Bad Dog

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If you don't stop annoying your dog, this will be your present for next Christmas.

Welcome to India

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You already know that India is a very unique, creative and friendly country. The indian culture is amazing, their monuments and statues are prestigious and luxirious with incredible details.
India also has one of the most romantic getaway (Taj Mahal, second picture) and one of the most beautiful modern hotel in the world (third picture).
India is definitely a place I want to visit. I actually have a cousin and a friend who went there for few weeks and they told me that they had the time of their life, that it's so much fun etc...
Kavita's blog is one of my favorite website to discover great indian places and learn more about the indian heritage. The first picture above belongs to her.

Our first winner

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Few weeks ago, I announced the winner to our first blog contest, Nice guys in Chi-Town. He is now wearing his unbored t-shirt proudly. Congrats again!!!

I'm still trying to find new ideas for the next giveaway. Feel free to send me your suggestions and if you missed the contest, you can click here to see what was going on.

Best shoes for women

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I don't know where this is from, I just hope it's not Japan.

Baby Mop

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Transformers 2

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I went to see Transformers 2 on Imax. The movie was good, not great or exceptional. Megan Fox was super hot as always, few of the dialogues were shiteous and once you get the storyline, the movie becomes previsible. Did I also mention that it was too long. I swear few people were SNORING during the movie. I still can't believe they were sleeping. How can you sleep in an Imax screening while the chairs are shaking and your ear-drums are about to burst??
Even if Transformers is making tons of millions, Terminator 4 and Star Trek were better!