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I took these from Scarlett... You can also finish the sentences to unbore yourself.

I've come to realize that my last kiss...was really sweet

I am listening to...AfterAll by William Fitzsimmons

I talk...to myself and to the ghosts

I love... laying down

My best friends...are stupid

My first real kiss...wasn't that great

Love is...a lie

Marriage is...overated

Somewhere someone is thinking..."How can I make this possible"

I'll always...be an emo kid

The last time i really cried was because...my mom almost died

My cellphone...I still don't know why I got one, very useless. I can stay days without using it

When i wake up in the morning...I want to go back to bed

Before i go to bed...I make sure that I'm really tired.

Right now i am thinking about...Should I go to the movies tonight??

Babies are...adorable, funny and innocent.

I miss...Nothing

Today...is another boring day

Tomorrow i will be...with my new date.

I really wanna be...joyful and cheerful


Anonymous said...

Its quite awesome completing the sentences with your own words- really cool!

cybeel said...

nice to know you better :)

RennyBA said...

You really are joyful and cheerful! :-)

Yvette Kelly said...

I've come to realize that my last kiss... was as forgetable as the first one

I am listening to ...idiots riding their bikes making a noise and it is Sunday

I talk...a lot especiallywhen I go out and then call everyone the next day to apologise

I love... sleeping

My best friends...are crazy strange people

My first real kiss...was forgettable

Love is...a misunderstanding between two fools

Marriage is.... a contractual misunderstanding between two fools

Somewhere someone is thinking..."who are you and how did I get here?"

I'll always...love Nirvana

The last time i really cried was because...I had to cook and I got onions in my eyes

My cellphone...I hate you and I wish you would stay lost but someone always brings you back.

When i wake up in the morning...I am joyful coz at least one misguided person has left a comment on my blog

Before i go to bed...I read and read.

Right now i am thinking about...the mess I have to clean up coz my 4 year old has unrolled the entire teeth floss thingy

Babies are...the best little people on earth

I miss...Jose

Today...is another boring day( I agree)

Tomorrow i will be...working.

I really wanna be...reading!!!

LazyKing said...

@Yvette, great sentenes. Thanks for sharing

SoggyCereal said...

wow we share the same sentiments man! NOt even exaggerating.

I don't usually miss people too, is that evil?

Dutch donut girl said...

"Love and marriage, love and marriage
Go together like a horse and carriage"

Sorry, I digress, back to the the sentences.
You do realise that women (and men) always want to prove love cynics wrong. As soon as you say (out loud) that you don't believe in love a woman will do anything in her power to change your mind. Trust me I have been there. Not as 'the woman' but as 'the love cynic' :)

I really hope everything is ok with your mom right now!

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