Happy 4th of July

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For the Independence day week-end, my friends and I were supposed to bbq on friday, road-trip to Atlanta during the week-end, watch a laser show and a concert. Finally, we stopped after the bbq yesterday. Almost everyone was drunk ( they are still recovering), was acting crazy and doing stupid things. I rotflmao the whole night. I didn't drink so I watched everyone stupidities.

Now the best part: One of my close friend spit alcohol on my face, attacked me and started calling me names. I didn't do or say anything to him because I knew he was drunk. I'm waiting for his call and apologies and then I'll end our friendship.

But Happy 4th of July and don't drink alcohol.


Liggy said...

Too bad not everyone can be happy drunks like me.

Anand said...

Aww come now dude. He jus got out wt he wanted to say.
If he hasn't said anythin really hurtful...let it go with a warning. That's the mature way to do it.

LazyKing said...

@Anand, he was hurtful

cybeel said...

oww that's bad!
Hope you two big boyz will work it out

Hit 40 said...

Don't wait too long. The ass was drunk and will remember nothing. Or at least, he will claim that he remembers nothing.

jiggins said...

Drunken 'bufoonery' doesn't always end well.. I have been there, we all have. Especially when things are said hurtfully.. you gotta ask yourself what the root of the issue actually is.. Hope it works out.. boys like to fight - I know.

RennyBA said...

Happy Independence Day - all the way from Norway!

Sorry for your incidence.

Btw: We had spare ribs today. I'm married to an American you know :-)

Amusing Bunni said...

Hey Lazy King! Happy 4th of July!

It's never a good idea too get too drunk.
I'm sorry your friend had to be an ass and do all those awful things to you.

Just some advise, I've found people who are at their core jerks use "being drunk" as an excuse. Granted they might be really buzzed/stoned, etc., but deep inside they are harboring those hateful feelings - the booze just makes it easier for them to express them to you....then later they say, "I was Drunk".

Unless you really have alot vested in the friendship, I would take this as an opportunity to cut this "friend" loose! You don't need that, and as they say, "With friends like those, who needs enemies". Luv ya, Bunni!

SoggyCereal said...

LMAO. violent drunks!

I'm more of the hysterical kind. I usually end up bottom-less too.

Yes, lazyking, i'm such a delinquent. XD


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