All my Love

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My love for you is not based on whether or not you've been completely true and transparent. It's not based on your financial or educational situation. It's not based on your physical health or your mental health. All those things change over time.

My love for you is based on what is in your heart. My love responds to the expressions of your spirit.

It is my hope that we base our relationship on unconditional love. Unconditional love does not change. You don't have to be or do any thing to make me happy. You do not have to pretend or wear a mask with me. You don't have to find the right words to tell me some thing. You must only be you! I look forward to learning about you. I look forward to watching our love grow.

There are always going to be many difficulties in life. Our vow is that we are willing to go through these together!

All my love

Judgement Day

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Art of the day

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Sand .... in surf by Cybeel

Friendship Graph

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I just want to give shout outs to few of my girls who have given me few blog awards. Unfortunately I've received those awards before.

It's Gonna Take More Than a Hamburger To Make Me Happy gave me The Kreativ Award
Princess Minia gave me The Kreativ Award too
Crabby Abby gave me the Honest Scrap Award

I love you girls :)
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Manual Instructions for Babies

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Please can someone come up with one!

Awesome Napkins

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Perfect gift idea for less than 6$

Epic Look-alike Fail

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