New direction

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Hello my dear reader.
I know that I've been MIA but it was all worth it. I'm in a great zone and I don't want to leave it. However you already know that I looooove blogging and it has become a passion and an escape. I wish I could be more investigated about it but I can't. I also want to keep blogging for at least a year (see countdown on the sidebar) and I have plenty of ideas for my blog so I'll stay around the blogosphere. And you already know that "once you go blogger, you'll never go back".
The first thing I need to do is to change the name of the blog. I don't personally think that it is unboring you daily with new contents (but there are almost 800 posts published). This new direction will probably focus on this crazy world and the crazy people living on it and of course my crazy rambles.
Finally I assure you that I'll keep diversifying the posts and will amusing you.
Cheers and Happy Halloween.

Paranormal Activity

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After reading amazing reviews about Paranormal Activity, I knew that I had to watch it. This mockumentary follows a young couple who are tracking a ghost in their house.
Horror movies were my favorites since I was a kid (I'm serious, I could stay up to 4am watching them and not being scared). These past years I stopped watching them because I thought that they were lame and not frightening at all. But Paranormal Activity scared the shit out of me. It's terrifying, creepy, freaky etc... The best part of this movie (worst part of my nightmares) is that everything seems so real. When I left the movie theater, I sat down on a bench to breathe deeply. I also ended up buying a cappucino to calm myself and have some sort of energy.
During the movie I was very empathetic to the girl because I believe in ghosts and actually saw them twice in my life.

According to Wiki, the director only spent 15000$ to make it and since October this masterpiece has made nearly 40 millions.If you want to be scared this Halloween, please forget the bloddy Saw and go watch this.

Have you seen it yet? Do you believe in ghosts? What are your plans for Halloween?