My Indian Diner

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I know this post will cheer up my indian followers. Last night, I went to an indian restaurant called Amol. It was very interesting. My friend absolutely loves indian food and went to pretty much all the indian restaurants in town. I once went to an indian buffet when I was in Montreal and I was shy trying out the foods. Yesterday was a completely different story.

As appetizer, we got a "mixed plate". It was mixed with several indian delicousness such as an indian fried chicken, fried mashed potato with sweet peas, mixed vegetables (also fried). This appetizer was served with 3 different sauces, a very spicy red onions sauce; a medium spicy green sauce and a not spicy black sauce. I loved the colors and the presentation. But I forgot to ask about the ingredients and the names. Sorry!

For the entrees, we had rice with 2 different sauces: Jalfredi sauce and Hariyali sauce. Jalfredi sauce is made with creamy tomato sauce, vegetables, basil and chicken. It was excellent. The Hariyali sauce is made with spinach, curry, spices, chicken. It was also delicious and I think I like that one better. Why? Because the Jalfredi sauce is very similar to an african meal (from Senegal) named "thiou" but the african meal is much better than the Jalfredi. But I liked the fact that these big and different cultures have some cooking similarities. I really enjoyed that lesson.

After this festin, there was no room left for dessert, so we ordered a Mango Lassi drink. I believe that the Lassi is an indian smoothie. It's made with yogurt and mango and some secret indian ingredients. LOL. It was very yummy and had a sour taste.

The best part is we didn't break the bank. The final bill was 39.01$ but since it's the reaturant 9th birthday, every table had a 9$ off so we ended up paying 30.01$ but we had too much fun and the servers were nice and friendly so gave them a lot of tips :)

Tell me about your fun culinary experiences or please recommend me some non-american foods.

5 tricks to ruin a date

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Have you ever been in a date and suddenly you just want to ruin it?
Have you ever been in a very uncomfortable date but you don't know how to end it?
Forget faking an emergency on your phone, that's so 2000 and late! Here are the good stuffs:

++ Talk about religion

++ Pour drink/food on yourself like a baby

++ Fart loudly!

++ Tell her/him that you thought she/he was going to pay the bill

++ Make bad comments on her/his weight