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Justify FullThanks Yvette for this incredible award.
1st: True Crime Book Reviews is a really cool blog that reviews crime books only and has so many books giveaways. Plus Yvette is an awesome blogger friend. Nice work Yvette!

2nd: The Humane Award is given to kindhearted individuals who always leave the sweetest comments. Thank you to all my readers and commenters. I would have given up blogging a while ago if it wasn't because of You. Thanks a bunch.
You are all very valuable to this blog and I'm nominating EVERYONE. Please take this award because you deserve it.


BlackSnow said...

you're welcome:))

cybeel said...

congrats (again) LazyKing. You really deserve all these awards cos you're doing a hard job! Every morning you make us start our day with a big smile...Thank you

kavita said...

LAZY KING....congrats...i wonder why you are called lazy....i agree with do ork hard for us...great going.

virgo27 said...

congrats, Lazyking! i look forward to your posts, i never know what i'm going to find.

Dutch donut girl said...

Congratulations! You deserve it.

SoggyCereal said...

how am i sure u r not a cyborg blogger lazyking? cuz u r too cool to be human! lmao

keep it up! recieving awards that is! ;P

ASWANI said...

Congrats again :)

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