Hotel Oberoi Udaivilas

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This is considered as one of the top 3 luxury hotel in the entire world and the #1 hotel in Asia in 2008. It's located in India and click here to visit the official website


Hexum said...

It really is beautiful. I'd love to just stay one night there.

Salwa said...

Very beautiful. Would love to kick it there sometime!

virgo27 said...


Salacious Soul said...

I wish people would stop taking pictures of my house and posting them on the internet. invasion of privacy!


FaFaClark said...

nice pics...i hope i can go to that place someday

LLnL said...

OHHH! pretty.

alwayswinner786 said...

Very beautiful place! but I think it will bit heavy for the pockets but some day for sure (I wish very soon) I have enough to buy my dreams.
Keep posting to pamper our dreams.
Your friend always.

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