Mean Uncle George

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I'm honored to annonce that I've been invited by my LLnL, a very honest and passionate blogger, to write a guest post in her blog. LLnL stands for Love, Lust & Life and it's one of my favorites blogs.
My guest post is called Mean Uncle George and it's about one of my worst experiences with one member of my family. You can also find the post in Saturday Love where it belongs. All LLnL blogs are personals diaries and everyone is free to say whatever he wants, there is no blame, no shame. You are free!! So I had the chance to write my story without any pressure and seriously I feel much better now...

Please go check it out and leave us your comments

Here is a snipet of the story:
One day George came to me and said that he has not any issues with me that he really appreciates me but he doesn't like to chat a lot with me because we don't have the same interests. Seriously what kind of 43 years old man opens his mouth and says such things?
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LLnL said...

I think its one of the best things I read on that silly blog.

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