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Sometimes my computer becomes slow and it's really annoying. To avoid that I always try these few tricks that I'll share with you if you have this same annoying problem or for future uses.

Why my computer is slow?
-- The memory is almost full
-- A virus or malware
-- Too many programs are opened
-- The computer is over heating

What can I do?
--Defragment your disk (this should be done at least once a month) . Go to
Programs -> Accessories -> System tools -> Disk Defragmenter

-- Delete all the used files and empty the recycle bin.

-- Run an antivirus or anti-malware. If you don't have one, download them immediately. The ones I use are Avast and AntiMalware 2009.

--If your computer is "hot", you can buy a computer "cooler" at any RadioShack, Circuit City, Best Buy etc... And if you are using a laptop, you can unplug the wires for few minutes to decrease the heat.

--Windows is running many useless programs automaticly and they make your system slower.
Click Start -> Run and enter "services.msc" and visit this helpful website to tell you what to do next


LLnL said...

Very cool LZ. Oh how I need this post. Irony I wrote a post 2day about the need to be a big girl and learn how to maintain my computer.I'm really proud of that discovery and I decided to put a new widget on LL&L. It was up for maybe an hour than crash my site is down. Of course other people are having the same problem and its because of a widget. My others site so it has to be the widget I added 2day.

I feel like I'm on a crash course, too much to fast. Any way thank you. Since I'm not working on you site I have time to ramble on yours (sorry)

Hippoleetoe said...

wow .. very helpful ! i need to disk sweep ! lol

Blogger said...

I'm using Kaspersky security for a few years now, I recommend this product to you all.

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