Chuck, spy extraordinaire

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Chuck is an action-comedie tv-show that first aired in 2007 and it's hilarious and the stunts are believable. It has received many honors and the actors has been nominated for many awards.
I discovered this show 2 or 3 weeks ago and I've already watched the 2 first seasons and I can't wait for the thirsd season that will probably air next fall (around Septembre 2009).
I would describe it as a mix of James Bond and Friends.
The show begins when Chuck (the main character) received a top secret CIA e-mail is forced to become a spy.
I'll stop here so I won't spoil anything for you.
I highly recommend it to everyone and be sure that this show will keep you unbored.


Matt said...

I love this show Lazyking, it's really funny.

LLnL said...

I wasn't interested but you make it sound delightful.

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