Bizarre Foods

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This tv-show is quite unusual and tasty. Bizarre Foods follows Andrew Zimmern in exotic locations in his search of meals you never think of.

Andrew is not your regular culinar guide and he is not afraid of tasting everything. He's a world traveler, a chef, food columnist and the man with a stomach of steel.
He'll taste bugs, animals pancreas, alligator, mullet, iguana, armadillo, shark, mosquito eggs... and the list goes on.

What I like about this show is that Andrew makes all those weird foods look yummy and you'll definitely open you mind and mouth to try it (lol, just kidding). Also, the paysages and locations he is visiting are fresh with amazing views. Bottom line is it's a great and entertaining show that will get you unbored.
You can watch this show on the Travel Channel or visit the official website or the wikipedia page.


Pavitra .... said...

i'll never find creepy-crawlies yummy....

Anonymous said...

I love this guy. Andrew Zimms is the only person who actually convinced me to eat bugs. I haven't eaten one yet but I am willing to try fried bees or something if given the opportunity!

LLnL said...

Love the show hate the picture. You have to warn me first LZ, ewwwehh! I have learned to be a little less squeamish but I still turn away a lot. Especially when he eats food that he thinks are disgusting. He had some one time he had intestines that weren't wasn't out. They just tied a knot a squeezed out most on the ummhh... you know.

Jenn(ifer) said...

This is one of my fav. shows! I definitely don't think I'll be trying 50% of what he does, but big ups for him for trying to convince us to try it. LoL

Haley said...

I have never heard of him nor seen the show.
I will have to look into it. this is pretty disgusting though, I cant stand spiders!! eww

virgo27 said...

i love this guy. i watch his show all the time. he was in, i wanna say, a small town in mexico and he was eating armadillos. i am def one to try all sorts of things, but armadillos, i probably wouldn't. especially after watching how they prepare them, which he did. he was standing alongside of the lady who wast preparing it. it wasn't an enticing process at all.

LazyKing said...

@Virgo27, I saw that episode too. I wouldn't eat anything of these stuffs if I watched the killing and cooking processes.
I'm dying to ask him one question: What food does he regret eating?

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