Kids and Alcohol

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Steve (My Dog Ate Art) said...

I hope this is a single-malt, processed foods are so bad for babies

LLnL said...

LOL. My eyes do the same thing, baby after my own heart.

Sheila said...

Gee, Steve & LLnL apparently have no idea whatsoever, of the severity Alcohol carries !

There are 5 current/common health afflictions solely caused from moderate alcohol consumption.
None with any forewarning signs, nor any cures.
-Grand Mal Seizures
-Rapidly Progressive Blindness
-Rapidly Progressive Deafness
-Rapidly Corroded Livers
And good old Heart Attacks !

Perhaps you should have a look at these & the multitude of silent carriers there are in the world today, before, you comment, in nothing but absolute tripe !!

modern technology said...


LLnL said...

I got owned. Sorry Sheila, I really don't drink that much. lol

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