The Zen of Farting

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I can't believe they actually wrote a book about this.
PS: Have you noticed the review on the top?? lmao


Liggy said...

That is hilarious! How did you find that? I think I might have to add that to my collection of weird books. I even bought Walter The Farting Dog for my son when he was in 1st grade so I can pass on my love of the out of the ordinary to my kids. lol!

(and yes, I noticed that review on the top). :D

LLnL said...

I assumed this was just art until I read you caption. What lies inside?

"Guy Montag" said...

Unlike other fart books (and there are quite a few), which are mostly filled with dry facts and anecdotes, The Zen of Farting is full of allegory and a unique brand of wisdom!

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