Please go sue Coldplay too.

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What Creepy Boards, Cat Stevens, Joe Satriani and french pop singer Alizée have in common?
They all claim that Coldplay stole their song to make their hit Viva La Vida.
-- Creepy Boards is an electric band
-- Cat Stevens is a folk singer
-- Joe Satriani is a rock guitarist
-- Alizée is a french singer. You can compare her to Ashlee Simpson or Britney Spears.

Coldplay has the top selling album worldwide last year. In only 6 months they sold 7 millions copies. And their extended world tour is sold out. Bref, they were the hottest band in 2008. So all these washed singers are seeking for publicity and money. And Cat Stevens said he will sue Coldplay if Satriani earns a lot of money after the trial.

Coldplay has already used a rip from others singers, 2 to be exact. They used a sample of Computer Love from german band The Kraftwerk for their 2005 hit Talk. They also used a sample of Lights Through The Veins from UK artsit Jon Hopkins for their latest hit Life in Technicolor. They asked permission to all those artists andgave them credits and money.

Many others artists have used Coldplay songs too like Nelly Furtado, Timbaland, Brandy etc...

Coldplay is great and generous band. In the past year only they have given free songs (Violet Hill, Death will never conquer, Viva La Vida remix), a free video from Itunes (Lovers in Japan) and they will give their next live album LeftRightLeftRightLeft for free on May 15th.
And with the free live cd, they are losing nearly 16 millions $ in profit.

My question: Why don't Cat Stevens, Creepy Boards, Joe Satriani and Alizeé sue each other??? if they all claimed Coldplay used their songs.


Jenn(ifer) said...

Agree! THe need to BACK OFF

Dutch donut girl said...

That's a good question.

RafaRR said...

I agree with you coldplay is a decent band, I hate Chris Martin, but I once met the gitarrist johnny Buckland and he is awesome, it is true coldplay uses a lot of plagiarism in his songs and in his lyrics, usually not from big bands but from little ones(Ex. Life n technicolor title is a rip of from the colorful life by cajun dance partyand, the music is identical to s Star's song), but the real challenge in music also comes in mixing the music correctly and making it look as new and appealing and coldplay is an expert on making that and thus an expert in making great music for the masses.

Anonymous said...

@RafaRR, There isnt a copyright for song titles. Per example, how many artists are using the same name for their songs or even for their albums??
Coldplay is inspired by modern bands, they are not afraid to say that but their songs are very differents.
ANd if you listen to their albums, you'll see creativity, originality and talent.
Chris Martin has his attitude because he hates paparazzis and has already fought with them.
But his lyrics are flawless, every decent critic agrees with that.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

The wisdom of your last line is staggering.


Anonymous said...

Now this is ridiculous and looks like a joke. I agree they should sue each other but they wont because they dont have money, lool

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