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I've been unable to have a decent night sleep for at least a year. I've tried many methods and posted many articles related to insomnia. Now I just lie down and wait or I make music playlist and relax.
The following playlist is my favorite and makes my nights very peaceful and relaxing. Actually I enjoy my insomnia and I'm not worried anymore about not getting enough sleep.

_- Animals by Coldplay

_- Afterall by William Fitzsimmons

_- Mistaken Identity by Steve Reynolds

_- Evrything's Not Llost (Live 2003) by Coldplay

_- Fields of Gold by Sting

_- Il Volo by Zucchero

_- Prospekt's March by Coldplay

_- Porcelain by Moby

_- See you soon (Live 2003) by Coldplay

_- Presume Too Much by Merz

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LLnL said...

I'm using this. I've actually been sleeping a lot better lately but this is a great playlist to have, just in case.

Anonymous said...

Afterall by W. Fitzsimmons is amazing

Aves Photo said...

you should do this more often. playlists

LazyKing said...

@Aves Photo, you''re right I love music and listen pretty much every kind of music and I spend more than 3 hours a day with my ipod.
Thanks for the idea

LLnL said...

@LZ stop stealing my thunder. Music is my thing and your too good. I listened to the playlist and I love. Most of the songs are new to me. Cinna is a loves Coldplay too, but I never heard the CD.

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