Last night I didn't sleep well that's why the today's post are published at noon and not in the morning...

  1. The bedroom is for sleeping: no watching tv, books etc..
  2. Give yourself a half hour to an hour to wind down
  3. Get things done in the morning
  4. No caffeine after 2pm
  5. Drink some milk
  6. Exercise
  7. Don't watch the news before bed
  8. Live closer to work or school
  9. No alcohol or smoking before bed
  10. Turn the thermostat down


John said...

Sleep well. We need our daily fix of your blog!

LazyKing said...

lol okay I'll do my best. Maybe I should start drinking milk.

virgo27 said...

sleep; if there were only more hours in a day. i agree with most of them, but some are out of our control, "live closer to work/school". i totally agree with exercise and giving yourself 1-1.5 hrs to unwind. the one that i need to work on is #1.

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