Let's go green

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By Nitrozac and Snaggy


Anonymous said...

R people still going to the movies?

virgo27 said...

ha ha ha!! funny cartoon, but in all actuality, some people probably rationalize the same way.

oh and yes, people still go to the movies. lol

LLnL said...

I only have safe downloads. You know like Hulu and such. Only an occasional movie trip, so I'm feeling a little deprived.

Aves Photo said...

hey! thanks for the poem. I want you to post it though! K? You post it on your blog. More people will see it.

LazyKing said...

@Virgo you are one of those who are keeping Hollywood richer, lol

@LLnL I'm exactly like you. I just watch the tv-shows I didn't have the chance to see on time on tv.

@Aves Photo I never posted a poem on this blog. I'm still thinking about adding them.

And Thanks so much for commenting!

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