The Last kiss

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The Last Kiss is a 2006 movie with Zach Braff (Scrubs), Casey Affleck and Rachel Bilson (The O.C.). It's a very candid movie and manages to be funny sometimes. It's a movie I recommend to everybody. It also highlights important life and relationship lessons such as trust, faith, keeping and meaning your words, commitment, honesty etc...
The actors are really talented and the directing is simple and touching.
After watching this movie, you will try to appreciate more every seconds you have with the loves ones and learn not be be too scared of surprises. And above all that, it shows how communication is essentiel for a good and healthy relation.
This movie might have many great lessons but don't get me wrong it not boring at all. I didn't notice the time while I was watching it.
PS: Watch it with your lover but it's also fun to watch alone


Anonymous said...

I love this movie

Jenn(ifer) said...

I am probably one of the only females that I know that adore this movie. (The soundtrack isn't bad either, but Zach Braff had a hand in the soundtrack as he did with the Garden State Soundtrack. That just happens to be one of my favorite CD's ever.) Anyways, I'm a big Zach Braff fan and really enjoyed the movie. Doesn't hurt that they had Coldplay's song, Warning Sign, in the movie. :)

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