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--Never, under ANY circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

--Laughing is good exercise - it's like jogging on the inside.

--9 students out of 10 will somehow cheat during exams.


Anonymous said...

the 1st is freakin hilarious

Admin said...

In the second point, laugh never allow to leave the young skins from your face and you look more young.


Thuy said...

hahaha about the first one: good that you told me before it was to late.

LLnL said...

1)I'd hate to learn that on my own.

2)So it is okay to each a large popcorn by myself if I'm watching a comedy!?!

3)In high school I watched someone rip a page out of their text book and tape it on the bottom of there shoes.

Katrina said...

hahahaha im loving it!

jb said...

I guess crapping in your pants while you sleep would be kinda messy to clean up if your sleeping with a stranger...this just made me loloolol....

Cheating on exams never a good idea if your sitting next to the dumbest person in your class.

Lazy..... your the best.


Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

words to live by

LLnL said...

You are so funny. Thank you for the comments on my blog.

I promise I did not mean to scare you : )

LazyKing said...

Thanks for all your comments

cybeel said...

oh yeah..i sure did cheated.it's fun. who didn't anyway??? :P

Anand said...

Hi Buddy, Jogging in the inside..niceee..

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Glad u hv been using it and I still await ur further suggestions.

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(I follow ur blog secretly, btw.)
Anand. :-)

LazyKing said...

lol, I just saw this is the most popular post in this blog

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