Being more annoying

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Lesson #4

1- Put a rude message on someone elses answering machine.

2- Measure people by their money and the clothes they wear.

3- Leave your underwear in the sink.

4- Chew other peoples pencils.

5- Support the death penalty for parking tickets.

6- Be a perfectionist in absolutely everything.

7- Apologize a lot, but don't change.

8- Change the rules to suit your needs.

9- Wear a shirt thats says 'Fuck You' or to that affect.

10- Let doors slam behind you ? in people's faces.

Bonus: Repeat yourself.
Repeat yourself.
Repeat yourself.


cybeel said...

i take #9 this time...

GMP said...

If you want to see 101 ways to annoy people click here

Aves Photo said...


LLnL said...

1- My HR director thought I'd skipped a meeting and was a little upset with me, but i let her no that I actually stayed after work to make the meeting. She told me that she'd called earlier and left a message and that I did not need to listen to it, just erase it she said. It was the rudest message I'd ever received in my life, she was actually yelling. So happy I don't work there anymore.

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