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Submitted by Jermaine

A notable gynecologist once said:
"The best engine in the world is the Vagina.
It can be started with one finger.
It is self lubricating.
It takes any size piston.
And it changes its own oil every four weeks.
It is only a pity that the management system is so fucking tempermental..!"


Taschima Cullen said...

Hahahahaha LOL!

Hit 40 said...

LMAO!! The management system does suck!!!!!!! I am jealous that men can just get it up when the wind blows.

Manju said...

that is such a sexist joke!
but it's actually funny, so im not gonna diss it ;)

Dutch donut girl said...

The management is about to fire you!
Just joking... ;)

cybeel said...

haa haaa

ASWANI said...


Abby Kihano said...

oh man you totally counterfeited my other entry! i was wondering why you would give me such a comment. now i know why. tsk tsk.

Saadi said...

OMG!! Hahahahaha...I just emailed this to a few friends of mine and generated fits!

LLnL said...

Could do w/o the last line...LOL!

Hit 40 said...

You must be swamped with fall back to school?? I hope all is well.

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