Then you need to boost the levels of your "happy hormone"--serotonin. It's a brain chemical that's triggered by certain things. So here's how to trigger it, courtesy of Dr. Pamela Peeke.

  • Eat popcorn. The smell of popcorn gives you more energy, and the complex carbs boost serotonin production. And unlike sugary foods, complex carbs increase your feelings of well-being without a blood sugar crash afterward. You can also boost serotonin production by eating turkey, eggs, nuts, beans, fish and hummus.
  • Get more vitamins. Studies show that walking 20 minutes a day and taking a multi-vitamin that includes folic acid, B vitamins, selenium and vitamin D can boost the mood of mildly depressed people by 50%. And as an added bonus, 25% of the people in the study who tool supplements also lost weight without trying.
  • Another happiness booster: Milk. A study in Netherlands found that the "whey" in milk boosts serotonin production.
  • Chocolate. Studies show that dark chocolate contains a blend of calming ingredients which activate the feel-good chemicals in your brain.

So, to lift your mood, munch popcorn, take a multivitamin and go for a daily walk, drink milk and eat some dark chocolate.


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