14 Kids aren't enough...

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This stroty is true but insane. Nadya Suleman is a 33 years old single woman who live in California with her two 2 parents, in a two bedroom appartement. And her 6 children are living with them and she has no job. But recently she gave bith to 8 more children via sperm donation, yes 8, octuplets.
Now she wants to do a reality tv and to get paid 2 millions $ and she said she wants more kids...
Obviously she can't afford to help them (she can't even help herself) or/and she has some mental illness.
Do you think they should take her babies? Because I hardly can imagine 14 little kids in one appartement, a 2 bedroom appartement, with a mom like that:
  • Lives with her parents in small appartement
  • Doesn't work
  • Already had 6 kids and find they way to have 8 more in-vitro,
  • No husband
  • Might have some mental issues
I'm not judging but I think this story is crazy enough to make it to the blog.
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