workout tips

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  1. Focused on How Many Calories are Burned Working Out.
  2. More is Better When it Comes to Working Out.
  3. Carb/Sport Drinks are OK Before, During and After a Workout.
  4. Not Lifting Heavy Enough
  5. Having No Real Set Plan
  6. Using the Whole Maze of Gym Machines (Just because it is there)
  7. Mentality that You Need a Gym to Get in a Good Workout.
  8. Eat Real Whole Foods to Burn Fat and Exercise will just Accelerate it
  9. Keep Your Main Workouts Short and Intense.
  10. Have an Active Lifestyle, Go Play!
  11. Keep Your Workouts Simple and Effective. Focus on Movements that Count.
  12. Stop Listening to Advertisements and Magazines.
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