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What Gets Longer When Pulled,
Fits Between your Boobs,
Inserts Neatly in a Hole
AND Works Best When Jerked?

A Seatbelt you pervert! Buckle up!

What do you get when you mix Laxative and Viagra?
You don't know if you're cumming or going....


Abby Quijano said...

i was thinking "oh no not one of these jokes again" haha. a seat belt! that's classic.

Manju said...

ha! my mind must be more twisted than i thought lol!


thanks for following my blog :)
did you ever manage to save the princess in the Super mario game??
and of course I could do that with the egg, I was small and silly at that time ;P
gosh, i wud have been so scared if someone had told me that, snakes are ewwwwwww!

Dutch donut girl said...

HAHAHAHA... good one :)

:) said...


I feel guilty for some reason. :D

alwayswinner786 said...

Ha ha ha good one!
What a brain twister, you can show eveyman a road to sainthood if thoughts get such spiritual shake.:)

ASWANI said...

LOl :)

Yvette Kelly said...

Had to read this out to Bf and his answer was "Bra".Hmmm... works best when jerked?
His answer "cool,where did you get that?"
then "e mail it to me"

LLnL said...

Even a pervert in me thinks this was a fun post. Viva La B...GU.

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