John & Cindy

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Cindy McCain was in her front yard watering her red roses when John McCain came out of the house and rushed straight to the mailbox, opened it, looked in,then slammed it shut and stormed back into the house.

As Cindy was getting ready to prune the red roses, John came back out to the mailbox, opened it again, felt all the way to the back, and then slammed it closed harder than ever.

Puzzled by her husband's actions Cindy asked him, Is something wrong honey?

To which he replied, There certainly is! My stupid computer keeps saying, YOU'VE GOT MAIL.


Will said...

hahaha this is funny

LLnL said...

I can't stop laughing. I know he's smarter than that.

(just in case he's listening...)

LazyKing said...

@LLnL: lool

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