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She is warm enough to cover me from getting chilly
She is cool enough to hide me from the heat

She is sharp enough to teach me lessons that I must learn
She is soft enough to never make me bleed

She is poor enough to remind me to appreciate everything
She is luxurious enough to always make my life shiny

By W.F. and Lazyking


Anonymous said...

very nice

Thuy said...

The 2 last sentences was very nice

cybeel said...

Then she is very lucky ;)

Aves Photo said...

haha I love it. good job

LLnL said...

AAAWWWWHHH! I like when you write.

jb said...

Lazy this is really good and very nice. She is also the light that shines in the dark to carry you over the pain and sorrow. I love this Lazy good job.


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