Who the hell is Lazyking?

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I was using this nickname for a long time now. Why? Because sometimes I can be really lazy. I can spend a whole day in my bed, sometimes even going to the living room is a hard thing to do.
So even if you google Lazyking, you'll find my twitter, my blog catalog profile etc... It was looking to build lazyking.com website and lazyking.blogspot.com but they are already taken. AARRGG

The worst part is, there is nothing in those websites, NOTHING, NADA, RIEN

Does someone know how to get my name back (lool) or buy those domains because I'm really attached to that nickname.


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cybeel said...

the.laziest.king.com would be a possibility

LazyKing said...

great idea :))

zebdeos said...

Hi LazyKing!

I own lazyking.com, I have since at least 2001, and I've used LazyKing (well originally lazy_king) as my alias since 1998. My usage of the alias is connected with chess, not my inherent laziness (though I can sometimes be lazy myself, sad to say.)

Check out http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://lazyking.com



As far as I know, I was the first and only person (so far) to have registered and used that domain name (lazyking.com).

If you'll check lazyking.com you'll find that I've updated my website (as of May 31st, 2009.) Before that I used to host my own blog there. I also currently have plans to build a small search engine and run it from that addresss.

So the original LazyKing is still alive and kicking, and using his website! :)

I don't know about other domains. I was only a teenager when I registered lazyking.com, so I didn't have lots of money to register other versions of it (.net, .org, etc.) So maybe you can find a different lazyking domain using an alternative TLD than .com.

Zeb (aka LazyKing)

zebdeos said...

PS: I have no idea who uses lazyking.blogspot.com. That's not me.

LazyKing said...

@Zeb, thanks, I hope you'll build a great lazyking.com website.
And yep, you're the original Lazyking :) very nice to meet you. I wish you success for your website

zebdeos said...

Nice to meet you! I wish you well on your website development adventures too!

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