You're annoying (part 2)

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Lesson #2 for being more annoying! I'm having so much fun with these stuffs. Click here for the part 1

1- Answer a question with a question.

2- Don't give to charities unless you get something back.

3- Clean your finger nails at the dinner table.

4- Notice good ideas and pass them on as your own.

5- Put a title like Senator or Doctor before your name when making dinner or hotel reservations.

6- Don't volunteer for the back seat and never take the middle one.

7- Before exiting the elevator, push all the buttons.

8- Never do anything until you have been asked twice.

9- Go up on the down escalator and vice versa.

10-Dont shower after a hard workout.

Bonus: Change channels every two seconds


Thuy said...

ok, this prove that I'm #1 mohaha

LazyKing said...


cybeel said...

my faves r #1 and #7
#10? oh noooo. can't do it even to myself

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