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TCB Thursday never fails to deliver great articles, life experiences you can relate to, health tips etc... Yesterday it featured few great tips to help us be and stay motivated.

1- Just Do It
Erase the word "try" from your vocab. Instead make a commit to work hard.

2- What's you motivation
Why do you want what you want; this will bring perseverance.

3- Count the cost
What sacrifices and what resources will you need to get what you want?

4- Support group
Create a environment for success: mentors, cheerleaders and inspiration.

5- Get a vision
Dreams can take your goals to infinity and beyond; shoot for the stars.


BlackSnow said...


Aswani said...

Must read tips for one and all. Thank you so much for these tips ;)

BlackSnow said...

for the support group don't try what on this vid

LLnL said...

Thank you! : )

LazyKing said...

@BlackSnow, hahaha the youtube video is hilarious. I need one of those cds.

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