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The 2008-2009 tv-show season is officially over :( and we'll have to wait until next September or or January to find the outcome of the shocking and unexpected finales.
I've pretty much watched all the episodes of the tv-show (I know I'm an addict) and here are my ratings:

++ 10/10
House of Payne

++ 9/10
Gossip Girl
Big Bang Theory
Prison Break
Grey's anatomy

++ 8/10
How I met your Mother
Everybody hates Chris
Desperate Housewives

++ 7/10
Private Practice

++ 6/10
2 and Half men

++ All the following tv-shows were bad, boring, ridiculous, repeatitive or tasteless that I stopped watching them around the middle-season. I rated them 3 or 4/10
My Name is Earl
Ugly Betty
The Mentalist

I probably forgot to list few shows and these ratings are only for this season not the tv-show in general.

What's your favorite tv-show?
What do you think about my ratings?


LLnL said...

Cool post. Maybe I can borrow your post sometimes, I would love this on LL&L. I have answered the random 50 questions. Please read them on LLnL

Francois said...

I am a Big Burn Notice Fan- don't know when or even if it still shows in countries like the US but here in South Africa the second season has just begun. [SA gets all of the media late including movies and series, which is wonderful because you can hear how good it went with the movie in the US and even how good the DVD sales are- some facts for you if you are deciding to go watch the premier 1-2 months after the original premier- wondeful, ain't it?- NOT!]

I agree with the ratings but I like Ugly Betty more than 4/10- but that's just me.

rakesh said...

An addict myself.. what's your take on House MD, Boston Legal and Life...

Elizabeth said...

You forgot about house!

Thuy said...

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is the best show ever made! I would give it + + 10/10 and extra points for being so crazy.

BlackSnow said...

actually season 1 of my name is earl was quite good.

BlackSnow said...

but I'd give Everybody Hates Chris -10/10

LazyKing said...

How could I forget about House??
I told you I need my brain checked!

House is super super good. Definitely a 10 or 9

Simply Ridiculous said...

Well.. You forgot supernatural.. It had one of the best finales this season.. And then House finale came close second!!!

LazyKing said...

@Simply Ridiculous, I didn't watch Supernatural but the best finale is Grey's Anatomy

Yvette Kelly said...

Just like Francois I am from South Africa and we get the shows later and we usually have a pretty good idea of who well it went judging from the US reviews.Besides I think they only get the really good ones for us based on your reviews.So lucky us,we never actually have to watch any bad shows.Thanks US

cybeel said...

My faves are How i met your mother, House, Seinfeld, Desperate Housewives and last but not least My name is Earl (how i love that guy)
I dont like 24 and Gossip girl...
And i should make a list soon, too

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