The Big Bang Theory

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This is my latest sitcoms discovery (suggested by one of my friends). It has 2 seasons already and it's nerdly brillant. 
"Sheldon and Leonard are two brilliant, but socially inept theoretical physicists who share an apartment. In the series premier, they meet their new neighbor, Penny, a stereotypical beautiful dumb blond. In spite of the obvious hopelessness of the situation, Leonard is utterly smitten."
As the series continues, you'll meet with Raj, an indian who can't speak to women unless he is drunk and Howard, a jew who takes himself as Don Juan. 
This diverse group of friends is funny, irritating, touching etc... I highly recommend it.


Thuy said...

Ah I've seen that, it goes on the tv all the time. its pretty fun.

William said...

I love this show

cybeel said...

so funny ...esp i like Sheldon :)

LLnL said...

I'll have to look this up.

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