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Here are fews anecdotes from the customer service & surveys department of my job. Every month we gather the funniest one and publish it in our newspaper.

Submitted by Lionel Roberts
Lionel: Hi may I speak with Jane Smith?
Respondent: You have the wrong number; can I take a message? (huh??!)

Submitted by Deborah Petite
The respondent sounded like an old woman. Each time I asked a question ans awaited her rating, there would be a dead silence. After I'd asked a couple of questions and had to coax her into responding with a number, she finally caught on. She said, "Oh, I tought I was supposed to punch the number in using my phone keypad"

Submitted by Kristen Meyer
Kristen: Hi may I please speak with Shirley Davids?
Respondent: Sorry, she is not available.
Kristen: Would there be a better time that I could call back?
Respondent: No, I don't think she's interested. She is kinda high right now.

Submitted by Jay
Jay: May I speak with Damien Galvin
Damien: Yes this is he.
Jay: I'm conducting a survey on behalf of Mercedes-Benz
Damien: There is no one named Survey in this house.


Anonymous said...

lol, these people are silly

AD said...

Haha, the third one cracked me up!


LLnL said...

Flash back of my telemarketing days. I love customer service, you can so much fun as long as you don't go crazy.

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