Don't eat my M&Ms

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An old man and a young man worked in office next to each other. The young man had noticed that the older man always seemed to have a jar of peanuts on his desk. The young man loved peanuts.

One day while the older man was away from his desk the young man couldn't resist and went to the old man's jar and ate over half the peanuts.

When the old man returned the young man felt guilty and confessed to taking the peanuts.

The old man responded "That's ok since I lost my teeth all I can do is lick the chocolate off the M&Ms.;"


cybeel said...

ohhh noooooooooo!

LLnL said...

I knew it wasn't a good think to take someone's nuts w/o permission.

qihong said...

omg.. that is so gross.. EW!

BTW, please drop by my blog everyone! I need your support :) Thank you!

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