Garlic bread and cheeeeese

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Yesterday diner I had chicken with garlic bread & cheese. It was so yummy that I decided to write a post about it, lol.
This isn't the first time I'm eating garlic bread but everytime I'm enjoying it, it's like my first time :). Unfortunately I don't eat it as often as I want to (screw dieting and cholesterol). It brings a new level of flavor to your meals.

Do you like Garlic Bread?


virgo27 said...

i love garlic bread, actually i love garlic. i used it in the majority of my dishes.

AD said...

I LOVE garlic bread. I normally eat it when we have spaghetti for dinner. . . which I haven't eaten in a while. . .

I want some now.

cybeel said...

i can eat 3. believe me

LLnL said...

I love garlic bread. I relate, its always the first time. Especially when you have a great Italian dinner with it. Oh I'm hungry.

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