Break-up playlist

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Break-ups... we all have our soup of break-ups. There are few of them we clearly regret and others we wish we did sooner.
And once again, music is here to dry our tears or bring more. Regardless what happenned, break-up songs seem to be the most beautiful, heartfelted and meaningful songs. Everyone can relate to them.

I asked my lady friend Scarlett to help me make this post even between men and women. Enjoy

-- Make this go on forever by Snow Patrol
-- Every breath you take by The Police
-- I still cry by Ilse de Lange
-- If you would come back home by William Fitzsimmons
-- Go on girl by Ne-yo
-- Unbreak my heart by Toni Braxton
-- Careless Whisper / George Michael
-- Dont cry by Guns n Roses
-- Trouble by Coldplay
-- I don't feel it anymore by W. Fitzsimmons
-- See you in my nightmares by Kanye West Ft Lil Wayne


Anonymous said...

I'll take this one...need that
thanks L.K

cybeel said...

:) check me out

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful songs, listened them while I browsed the web- nothing better than something with background music- did you know I come with my own background music?

Hit 40 said...

Did you have a break up??

Nice guys finish last...or something like that said...

#9 is Bee yooo tiful

cybeel said...

please more! Like "work-out" relaxing" or "wake-me-up" playlists :p

whibley said...

nice playlist..

Dutch donut girl said...

Hey, you have the Dutch Ilse de Lange on your list :)

LLnL said...

I was wondering how to post a good playlist. I've given up on imeem and daily motions. Nice playlist. I feel in love with the last song "I don't feel anymore" (pretty).

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