Dear Google Adsense

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I now understand why nobody clicks on your ads. You are crazy and you scare my readers. What did I do to you? Is it the BlackSnow karma? I know that this blog is a joke but you are the icing on the cake!! You take this waste of time to the next level of stupidity.
Thanks for everything and I can't wait to see your next ads.


R. Ramesh said...

hey buddy wait wait your chance to meet yr mom-in-law will come...dont be in a hurry..the hurricane is hiding..hahha...until then, GF's moms' are less enjoy....haha

cybeel said...

"The Blacksnow Karma" haa haaa
So scary then!!Cos he hasn't been around for some time you know and i'm really curious!

lissa said...

what exactly do they mean by Umbilical Cord Banking? was that a serious ad? did anyone click on that?

I never pay attention to google ads on people's blog, I usually ignore them when I see them, I find them to be useless and some of them doesn't quite make sense

Dutch donut girl said...

Ewwwie... I didn't even know they collected and stored umbilical cord blood. But if it saves lives, I'm all for it.

LLnL said...

What was that post about...? I thought dog pregnancy was an odd ad (on Freaky Friday) but that takes the cake.

I know they are not always consistent but I have seen some good ads on here, don't you worry.

Aswani said...


Dalton J. Fox said...

AdSense never fails to deliver in the "WTF" department. I sometimes wonder why we even bother with them.

SoggyCereal said...

after 17 years in a sandwich bag, unfortunately, my cord is dry like ear wax. at least my ear wax.

sad, i wanted to donate.

Blogger said...

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