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What's the difference between a wife, a nymphomaniac, and a hooker?
The nympho says, "You're done already?"
The hooker says, "Are you done yet?"
And the wife says, "Beige, I think I'll paint the ceiling beige."

What happens when you supress a fart?
It travels up your spine and lodges in your brain.
That is where all our SHITTY ideas come from.


Woodsterman / Got Wood? (Odie) said...

Your blog is as silly as mine, so there is now a link from mine to yours. (I'm also Dust'n Lint)

Christine said...

hahaha ..that first joke.

Aswani said...

lol ;)

Abby Quijano said...

lol i think i like the first one too XD

cybeel said...

The 1st one is really funny. Paint the ceiling huh??? LOL

Balvinder Singh said...

And that is how you got these ideas :-))

Amusing Bunni said...

Hey Lazy King, you must have a lot of gas....hee hee, you were asking for that one! JK

PS: If more guys wifes' acted like nympho's & hookers w/ their OWN HUSBANDS, maybe the horndogs wouldn't cat around so much, just a though.

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