I won!

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Yep, you read it right, I won. As I tweeted it 2 days ago, I won a blog contest. The price is a special DVD for the classic Roman Holiday by Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, two big inspirations for nowadays actors. Thank you Lissa for this great price. I'll post a movie review in the next few days.
Also, I'm finalizing the last details for my own second blog contest. It will be out of control and all the blogosphere will be talking about it. Stay tune.

PS: You should definitely visit Lissa blogs. She is amazing, her photographs and drawings are stunning!

Update: I just found out that I won AGAIN. This time a Micheal Jackson book from True Crime Book Review. Thanks.


Christine said...

congratulations! that's a movie I'd actually watch, too.

Dutch Sugar Babe said...

Man, I never win anything!

Hippoleetoe said...

Congrats !!!

Ahahgshene said...

sweet! congratulations! now i feel like joining a contest just cuz i feel like winning!!!

cybeel said...

woww these are your lucky days i guess :)
Congrats LazyKing. Waiting for your reviews...

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