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Funny People, the new movie this week-end, wasn't like how I imagined it. I thought it was going to be a long serie of gags, pranks and jokes but it was more like a lesson in friendship, acceptation, forgiveness etc... mixed with adult-humor. Some of the jokes were really funny and some of them not so much.
But overall, I had a great time and Adam Sandler (one of my favorite actor) did deliver another awesome movie, not to mention that Seth Rogen (Knocked up, Pineapple Express) is still on the train that will make him one of Hollywood funniest man.
I think if you have some free time this week, you should definitely go see it. 8.5/10


Jenn(ifer) said...

I def. want to see this one! I like Adam Sandlar & Seth Rogan :)

cybeel said...

Adam Sandler has never been one of my faves but i'll take your advice and see it.


not the best one involving sandler, but a good one.

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