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2 pounds (1kg) of botox is enough to poisoon and kill the entire humanity.

Spinach does not make you strong.

Female mosqito bite is responsible for the 50% of death in the human history.


Nadine said...

I was planning to have a shot of botox in 20 years....

LLnL said...

Well that's not funny :(

So you mean Popeye is a LIAR?!?

Rav said...

Like the above comment.. Am really disappointed.. You are calling Popeye a liar :-((

LazyKing said...

The proof:
Myth: Spinach makes you strong - like Popeye the Sailor man!

The myth comes from the fact that spinach is high in iron - but wait… spinach is actually not very high in iron. Believe it or not, this part of the myth comes from a handwriting error in 1870 when a Doctor Wolf accidentally put a decimal point in the wrong place and made it look like Spinach had 10 times more iron that it really has. Now to the strong part of the myth: in order to get muscle strength, you need to exercise and do weight training - eating spinach (or anything else for that matter) won’t make you strong on its own - it will only give you the energy you need to survive your workout.

Souce: http://listverse.com/miscellaneous/10-more-fascinating-facts-that-are-wrong/

cybeel said...

Hımmm... Females (even mosquitos) are more dangerous??? indeed haa haa

LLnL said...

Thank you for the link, great article. And as always thank you for your wonderful comments.

LazyKing said...

@cybeel: male mosquitos are inoffensive, they wont give you any disease.
The females will give you malaria(I think every minute there is someone who dies because of malaria)

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