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I was watching Watchmen last night. It was said it's the 2009 Dark Night, the trailers rocked and people were very excited to see it. In fact it opens this week-end with an impressive 56 millions US-dollars. But it wasn't that good for me. The first song ruined it for me, it's was just awful for my ears and it was for 7 or 8 minutes. Then nothing exciting happenned. I was waiting, waiting, waiting for something to happen. And I thought the scenario was a little too "easy" and the dialogues could have been much better. I felt like I was in a bad version of Sin City. After 70 minutes I get really bored and stopped watching it.
What do you think? Should I continue or it's just a waste of time?


jb said...

Lazy...I read the comic and loved it. I'm going to go see it on tuesday night. I think that if your not a comic book fan it may be a liitle boring for most.

As for the scenario being easy..well that maybe true. I find anything based on comics dosen't come across like a screen play written for a movie, so it may be a little simple minded, but I think that if you can get over that hump then all is good. We will see when I go see it. I'll come back a tell you what I think...actually I may just write about it.

Now... I wanted to say thanks for you comment in french .....freaking awesome. I never get a chance to write in french...I left you a response in french on my blog...thank-you lazy it was nice. My french writing skills are a little rusty but it's like riding a bike you never forget.

I also have a lot of friends in Monteal and have lived int hat awesome city and loved it. Off to work take good care.


LLnL said...

@jb - I have not seen the movie myself but my husband gave almost the same critique and loved it. And as far as French goes I beg to differ. Two 1/2 years of French and all I can say au revior.

@LazyKing- I think that I will relate to you on your movie review. I loved Sin City and Iron Man but I did not grow up reading comic books. I won'e a movie to entertain me without having to reference anything else. I trust when people say that they liked it, just don;t think it is my cup of tea.

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