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Once you start reading these books, trust me you won't stop! They are addicting and deserve all the litterature prizes.

  1. Things I can't afford by Bill Gates
  2. How to be good by Amy Winehouse
  3. My successful presidency by George Bush
  4. Be yourself by Michael Jackson
  5. I want your child by Angelina Jolie
  6. Motherhood by Britney Spears
  7. I still have my carreer by Paula Abdul
  8. For the men by Ellen DeGeneres
  9. Everything men know about women
  10. Everything women know about men
  11. How to save money by Mike Tyson
  12. Stay faithful by Bill Clinton
  13. Stay young by Madonna
  14. My life as a child in need by Miley Cyrus
  15. My life with my 13 kids...heuuu dogs by Oprah
PS: I know I shouldn't speak about books yet! But I just want to remind you to vote. There is just 2 days lefts and everything can change. Just click, it won't close or open another page.


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