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Yesterday was a rainy day in here. So I went to the theathers and watched 2 movies (of course I only paid for one and sneaked in for the second one).

Public Enemies, wow, great movie! Can easily become a classic in your dvd collection. Johnny Depp was amazing. He is probably one of the best actor of all time. The scenario, the actors, the decor, the production.. everything was well done. Not to mention Christian Bale was his opponent.

Bruno, what can I say?? LMAO, very inappropriate, very gay, very naked, very crazy, very funny, very silly etc... But the movie was really short 1h25 min because they deleted many scenes, some of the scenes that were in the trailer didn't even make it to the final cut. Blame it on the gay associations.


whibley said...

aha..Good reason for me to go and watch Public Enemies. I'm going to watch it soon..I love Johnny Depp..He's a great actor..Bale's good too..
but Bruno doesn't really attract me. huhu

Nice guys finish last...or something like that said...

Finally watched Transformers 2 last night btw. I liked it too. Really want to watch Public Enemies. btw-which one did you sneak in to? Bruno? Cause that one isn't worth paying for

LazyKing said...

@Nice guys, yes I sneaked in for bruno.

Amusing Bunni said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Public Enemies, Lazy King, it is great. You can't beat Depp for embodying a character.

The trailers for Bruno look fun, I might try and sneak into that the next time I go to the big multiplex. I'm sick of all the PC crybabies runging everything for the rest of us. I say F 'em if they can't take a joke. Just shows how "gay" they are - not that there's anything wrong with that..hee hee (jerry seinfeld)

kavita said...

HI..would love to see both the movies are lucky....with kids its very hard to find some time to go to a movie hall ...watching movie at home is not that fun ....i had a great week but missed you friends a lot..

lizzie said...

Haven't seen either movie but you make them sound great!

SoggyCereal said...

me vhant br√ľno! velly mcuh to vatch.

Dutch donut girl said...

"of course I only paid for one and sneaked in for the second one"

WHAT!! The horror!!

Just kidding.
I have done it too :)

suZen said...

Public Enemy is my favorite since we went to the premiere (see blog last week) up in the Northwoods where they filmed one of the famous shoot out scenes. Grand fun - it was just a shame Depp didn't come!

Anonymous said...

I just agree...J.D is one of the best. Here in montreal there were a lot of bad comments about public enemies but m gonna go and watch it tomorow!
M happy bout the fact that u loved the film.


bruno is one the funniest movie in the last 5 years.

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