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Something bad and unbearable came up
Under pressure without a warning sign
I couldn't take any more pains, I
Couldn't look at myself in the mirror
I didn't recognize the man standing on the other side
Deep inside, I wasn't scared or surprised
Everything fell down and my soul was darker than ever

by Lazyking


SoggyCereal said...

L ast Night I Thought of the same thing
I nevitably people think about stupid stuff
V eer towards the positive aspect of life, cuz
E very moment is capable of being a blessing

yep im bored (thats why im here, yeah? UNBORE ME). just made that up, nto too shabby, yeah?

LazyKing said...

@soggy, I think it's great

Amusing Bunni said...

I hope this post doesn't mean you were depressed or anything. Suicide is NEVER the answer.
Life is hard and awful and sucks most of the time, but we must endure.

If we kill ourselves, we won't get to go to Heaven and be with GOD for eternity. So, a few years of awfulness here on earth is bearable if you remember that Eternity will be better.
(At least this is what I keep telling myself to get through the day).

Oh, dear, I was too serious. I better stop that.
Bye, Bunni

Kavita Saharia said...

Come on.....i don't see you even thinking of anything like are a very precious friend and i wish and pray only the best for you...cheer up ..

R. Ramesh said...

tough times never last, tough people dooooooooooo...:)

Christine said...

SoggyCereal has a great take on that!

Hippoleetoe said...

I love what Ramesh said !! I agree !

BlackSnow said...

I agree with Ramesh too

Ember said...

Very nice!

Hit 40 said...

Kinda dark. I hope your feeling ok.

Aswani said...

Very touchy..

Ahahgshene said...

-_- i hope you're not really thinking of suicide

cybeel said...


Balvinder Balli said...

Reading this post at first disturbed me as i got worried about you. Then i noticed first letter of each line and got relieved.

LazyKing said...

I'm not suicidal, I just like to write about darkness.. actually I'm a very smiley guy and I cracks jokes everytimes. Don't worry, this is just a poem and I think I can make it darker.
Thanks for your concern

Anonymous said...

My friend,Wake up!Your just dreaming.Say a LITTLE PRAY'R!

Razzer said...

To be dark is only an indication that there's other side to it too. All that need be known is how long this darkness will prevail and how best we can survive in it.

The moment the first light of the day hits, the darkness is mercilessly vanquished.

imhkki said...


whibley said...

haha..fits perfectly..i think i felt that way but not that suicidal things..=]

Hit 40 said...

Glad your feeling ok. I have a friend that makes jokes about suicide. She is kinda serious. I keep an eye on her.

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