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Since you liked all the posts about me these past week-ends, here are few things I can't live without :)

1 thing I can't live without
My Ipod touch,

1 meal I can't live without
Pasta, my favorite are Farfale and Lasagna

1 cloth I can't live without
My black "rock&roll" jacket. I feel so hot when I wear it.

1 drink I can't live without.
Without no hesitation, coffee

1 website I can't live without.

1 situation that annoys me
Waiting for a stupid person (looking for his money) at the cashier. Can't you have your money or your pocket ready before meeting the cashier? Or while the casher was ringing up your purchases, why didn't you get your dirty money ready?

1 thing I really hate
When somebody wakes me up.

1 stupid thing I did lately
Talking about religion while I was on date this Friday. Yes, I stopped being lazy for few hours and went on a date.


suZen said...

Precious insights into what makes a lazy king tick - or get ticked off as the case may be. I'm just sure the Dating for Dummies book said NOT to discuss religion or politics on a first date! Maybe you find the cliff notes?

Toothfairynotes said...

can't live without the ipod as well! haha! horrible right!

Have a great week!

Yvette Kelly said...

what about the guy at the red traffic light who takes forever to pull away when it does turn green?what the hell are we doing at the traffic light anyway?aren't we waiting for it to go green? shouldnt we be watching it turn to green? i could throttle somebody...

Manju said...

ha! when ppl wake me i hate them so much >_<

Dutch donut girl said...

Don't talk about religion on a date, ever! The end result is always lousy.

"Why didn't you get your dirty money ready?"
Yeah! My thoughts exactly.

"rock&roll jacket"

Christine said...

loved learning more about you, cute.

AD said...

I really enjoy the ones including yourself.

It's like little snippets of your life.

And I love lasagna as well! MMMM.

Salacious Soul said...

I want to hear about the date!

LazyKing said...

@suZen, I need to get those books

@Toothfairy, addiction. Tell me when you find the cure.

@Yvette, SLOW people, grrr, they always got on my nerves

@Manju, we could live together, LOL

@Donut Girl, the "rock&roll" jacket is hoooot. LOL

@Christine, you're welcome.

@AD, viva lasagna

@Salacious, that date is rated triple R

ASWANI said...

Nice to know more about your likes and dislikes:)

Meam Wye said...

my first visit to your blog. Liked your writing style and theme! have bookmarked your blog and will email the link to my nephew who is ALWAYS sayng 'i'm getting bored!'

chubskulit said...

Hey wake up lol, just kidding..

LazyKing said...

@Aswani, ;)

@Meam, thank you and nice to meet you.

@Chubskulit, Damn it, You woke me up :(

cybeel said...

Black "rock&roll" jacket !!!

LLnL said...

LZ, we all now your name is an irony but congrats on the date. I hope you avoiding arguing, but yes always a risky subject...I love Lasagna. I might post a recipe for an experiment that went well...Probably not light on calories but it was delicious.

lazyking said...

@LLnL, cant wait for that recipe.

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