Why am I lazy (the response)

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My friend LLnL left me a comment yesterday on my post Why am I lazy?. It's the post where I was trying to prove that I'm really lazy. Here is what she have to say about it. I thought that you'll like her comment. I lmao!
## what I said
## what she saidJustify Full

## I only worked 6hours a day instead of the regular 8hours. OOh and at work, I'm always on my desk cracking jokes with everybody.
## If you've worked overtime in the past then a 6 hour work day is breaking even.

## I stoped dating, it's a lot of planning, going-out, stress etc... that's too much work for my lazy ass.
## Lazy men think they can get laid by taking a girl to putt putt and pizza place.

## I once stayed more than 36 hours without eating. Why? I was too lazy to cook something. I only drank water.
## Lazy people will open a can or a box and eat with there fingers because they believe that missing a meal will kill them.

## My favorite activity is to sit or to sleep.
## Lazy people stay up all night with mind numbing activities, like paid programming, because they are not looking forward to having to make the long trek to their bedroom.
## If you don't sleep enough you will become lazy. Someone who using a lot of energy through the day will have a easier time sleeping at night (oh no I think I just put myself on the lazy list)

## Now I enjoy movie theaters a LOT. You sit down on your comfy chair with your Diet coke and watched 2 movies :). You laugh and have fun without doing almost anything.
## Lazy people who have a diet pop with a super sized combo meal. Never as good as the regular soda but it is a trade off for exercise and proper nutrition.

I know I've joked in the past about you being LZ but you have still not made me a believer. Nice try, but we love you just the way you are.


Christine said...

I don't think you're lazy either, maybe just too smart!

Dutch donut girl said...

Lazy people don't post as regularly as you do. Trust me you are not lazy but you are funny.

Abby Quijano said...

hehehe funny guy that thinks he's lazy. NOT!!!

LazyKing said...

awww I'm lazyyyyyyyyy (crying with my teddy bear)

ASWANI said...

I agree with Dutch Conut Girl. You are not lazy my friend but very active :)

BlackSnow said...

dude these are only 5/7 in my case.Now I can see why pizza places don't work.Next week I'll take a girl to eat a doughnut.

LLnL said...

Thanks LZ. I'm glad you liked the comment : )

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