Interviews BIG mistakes (part 3)

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These are real facts that happenned during real job interviews. They were collected by and
Click here for part1 and part2

1-Applicant sits down in interviewer's office, leans back, puts his feet on her desk, and proceeds to tell her why he should have her job.

2- Pointing to a black case he'd carried into the interviewer's office, applicant stated if he were not hired, the bomb would go off.

3- Applicant arrived wearing only one shoe, and explained the other was stolen off her foot on the bus.

4- Applicant's attache case opened when he picked it up and the contents spilled, revealing women's undergarments and assorted makeup and perfume.

5- Applicant came to the interview with a moped and left it in the reception area. He didn't want it to get stolen, and stated he would require indoor parking for the moped if he were hired.

6- Applicant said he didn't really want to get a job, but the unemployment office needed proof he was looking for one.

7- Applicant whistled while the interviewer was talking.

8-Applicant asked who the "lovely babe" in the picture was. When the interviewer said it was his wife, applicant asked if she was home now and wanted the interviewer's phone number. The interviewer called security.

9- Applicant threw up on the interviewer's desk and immediately started asking questions about the job, like nothing had happened.

10- During the interview, an alarm clock went off in the applicant's briefcase. He took it out, shut it off, apologized, and said he had to leave for another interview.


Anonymous said...

omg, crazy people

cybeel said...

#3 accidents may happen. nothin to worry bout
But #8 and #9 are hilarious

Steinar Arason said...

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LLnL said...

Those are some good ones. I laughed through out the post.

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